Hey pal,

Whats up?

Thank you for visiting this blog. Im iman roozegar, a 17 years old student who loves art and music. Im also a pianist, I started to learn it since 2 years ago and believe me I’m a fast learner. The only reason that I choose piano was “it was hard enough to make me forget my worries”, I don’t know you but I myself cant forget things easily and if I want to forget, there has to be some emotional disaster :/ or else I cant forget. Maybe you think it is awesome to remember most of your life but believe it or not, it is better not to remember some of those memories


I did some adventure after my 15 birthday, I walked most part of my Town and villages around my town, Maybe you say it is boring but it was AWESOME. The feeling or people or the nature, etc I mean everything was awesome. After that I wanted to feel more so I started to spend my money and my holidays on traveling. Because of the school I couldn’t do more :/

And after many adventures(actually 12 if I want to be exact) I wanted something new, something which makes my heartbeat go Like a crazy. I tried many things, searched the web, red books, and I found something called “Blog” 🙂 The reason that I started this blog is not that I like to talk a lot about myself, it is because that I wanted to share things that I know.If you want to know something about psychology or something that you need to know precisely you cant Find it on internet or many other books.Yeah, of course I don’t know that much but believe it or not I have red 1034 books till now.


So the reason that I started this blog is to some how teach people and tell them that everything you read on internet is not complete not to mention that it is not true at all (some time).I like to share my knowledge and it is not just for your benefit, actually I want to do this to not to forget those books I’ve red. So if you are interested just follow me and try to catch up.

What is this blog about:


Sometimes I see my friends, they have money and they have a good taste but you know they end up getting F up all the time. I didn’t know why, for example last month my friend spend 1000 dollars just to get a bike 😐  WTF?!? You know it is good to follow your hobbies but there should be a limit of course and that makes me angry like HELL! In the other hand one of my friend is a geek and always read books (more than me :/) and sometimes I ask him what is your next move? And he just say “don’t know”. Hey friend, F you if you don’t know :/

(Sorry I lost it for a second) as a good person (hell ya) I really like to help. Im not that good but I try to learn then make it happen, believe me it is awesome to live that way because how many times I can be a teenager? Or how many times I can live? Just once, and once is enough for me to enjoy life. So put yourself together and make it happen cause no body gives damn about you, you are 100% responsible for your life so do the work.


2.Personal development: 

As you know I am 17, so how should I be able to say these or am I just a faking it? Actually when I was 14 I wanted to be different and live differently so I decided to. After three months of reading psychological books like ”body language” and “read minds without word” I really made a good progress and after my 15 I started some small and big adventure so I gained experience (but at first they ignored me but who cares? I get what I want) so after that I started to work on my self. I managed to master the “uberman-sleep cycle” and I had 22 hours a day ( sometimes 23 or 21 hours) and that way I could have more time to work on myself and study of course, So I managed to read 1034 books and made a business website (sold it!!), I learned programming, learned cooking and now I can play piano like a crazy because of that and learned many other things.


I am a fan of reviewing. i review everything i like (hey, not like that, I am a good one). so sometime I may post some review of an anime, a book, a movie or other things. you know, when you review things you just start to show yourself to people. it is awesome and i think it is the only way to gain that trust. so I may not be a good reviewer but I always try my best to post the best review all the time.  Oh and something else, if you don’t have time to read a book or to see a movie just tell me I will read them and makes review for you to not spend your time

And it was it. All of me For You. If you want to mention something, ask something or maybe something that I’m not aware of, feel free to say. It is always good to know what other people thinking about you, cause if you listen carefully you can use them to level up yourself.

Maybe I talked too much, but I appreciate if you come back and read more, it makes me feel important and I really need that these days..


Hope You may like me.  🙂

-see ya